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Bar Control For Beer & Liquor

Sprint Bar Controls is part of Pour Controls since February 2020. Sprint Bar Controls, led by founder Tom Zalm, has been a leader in the manufacturing of liquor dispensing systems for over 30 years. Their core production includes the manufacturing of the following: liquor guns, Bottle Guardian ID and draft beer flow meters. Sprint Bar Controls' dispensing systems have been distributed through its established network for years throughout North America, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

With Pour Controls & Sprint Bar Controls under one roof, we will be able to deliver a more cohesive product to the marketplace.

All Bottle Liquor

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  • All Bottle Liquor

Bottle Guardian is designed to control liquor sales from the original bottles as a primary control system, or used to augment Liquor Guns and Draft Beer Monitoring to create a full scope control network. Our value laden 7 Group System allows you to sort liquor into 7 groups by price or product group, offering broad control for the budget conscious operator. Our full featured Brand ID option uses RFID Pour Spouts to track every detail, for every bottle, for every brand, at every bar. By being brand specific it provides precise control for the more demanding operator.

Our Standard Reporting options include; Scheduled Reporting, AutoArchive and includes software for Cash Register and POS interface. Optional software for Real Time Variance Reporting vs. POS integration.

Bottle Guardian Consoles deliver reports via PC network link, Front Panel Display, and Serial Printer.

Bar equipment must withstand a very hostile environment. Our cases are stainless steel, never plastic. Large, illuminated portion keys make for easy use in a dark bar. In short, built like a US Army Tank. If you need a simple, yet effective way to manage your liquor sales, Bottle Guardian has much to offer.

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Draft Beer Monitoring

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  • Draft beer flow meter

Draft Monitoring is an example of pennies quickly becoming dollars. By reconciling beer poured against sales you see where it falls through the cracks and can correct it. The more diligent you are, the better your results.

Using Real Time Variance Reporting you know exactly where you are at any moment. You know every detail of every pour, what brand, which tap, what time, which bar, and by whom. You pinpoint the problem and by taking action you can achieve 98% yield from your kegs.

Our Turbines are designed specifically for the Start/Stop of beer flow with the best accuracy of any in the market today. Formed of UHMW plastic they resist beer stone and other contamination. A single wire network makes for a clean installation and being wall mounted they are protected against impact damage.

With a minimum life span of 10 years, it will be the best investment you can make in your business.

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Liquor Guns

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  • Liquor Gun

Sprint's Liquor Dispensing Guns are the fastest and most accurate way to deliver drinks quickly and consistently. Perfect shots in a second, time after time.

Delivering up to 24 brands (standard is 12 brands), with 4 portion sizes and pre-set cocktails, with full accountability.

Ideal for nightclubs, sports bars, or any other location that demands speed and accuracy. Liquor is stored in a central location, using the largest size bottles for further cost savings.

Individual Bottle Reserves, Pressure Vessel Reserves, and Bulk Reverse configurations available. Deliver product up to 2500′ using standard pumps.

Military Grade switching in the Ballistic Nylon Gun Handle ensures a long service life. Built in sensors protect electronics from power spikes and burnouts. Multiple redundant memories capture and protect data.

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