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New Customers July 2020

Pour Controls would like to welcome new customers who have joined us in the month of July. Our new clients realize more than ever that ‘Every Ounce Counts’. Welcome to our new clients in Alberta, Delaware, Manitoba, Nevada, New Jersey and Ohio For more information on why they have joined our ‘Every Ounce Counts’ program, […]

Investing in liquor inventory software pays out for Pour Controls

From CEO Peter Hornstein, In the last several years, we at Pour Controls have been optimizing our services through investing in our software and integrating customer feedback. In 2019 we were able to welcome new customers in New York, N.Y., Prince George, B.C., Toronto, ON., and many more cities. Further, we are looking forward to […]

Protecting the Bottom Line: Putting an end to disappearing profits

Today’s bar owners/operators have enough to worry about in the hectic, day-to-day schedule of running a popular enterprise that they don’t need the added hassle of dealing with disappearing profits. That’s why many owners/operators are opting to use any of a variety of loss prevention products in their liquor and beer sales.

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