• Instant pour control reporting

    for liquor and draught taps

    Real-time inventory management for restaurants, pubs and hospitality providers

    How it works

Maximizing Profits. Minimizing Shrinkage. Delivering drink consistency through for a great customer experience.

We care about your bottom line. Our scalable soft and hardware options allow you to manage shrinkage yourself or hire us to manage your inventory and provide audit services. Unlike other companies who offer liquor audit services, we provide instant identification of abused products utilizing our liquor monitoring technologies. This is a huge advantage over other manual-only audit service companies. We pin-point to the day, time and shift, all over/under pours which lead to shrinkage and drink inconsistency.

Over-pours cost the restaurant and hospitality industry thousands of dollars each year. Take control of your inventory with Pour Controls System Manager, our web-based software platform that allows you to track all pours in real-time from anywhere in the world on your desktop or mobile device. Improve your guest's experience with signature drinks that are poured right every time and save on management costs. Contact us today too book your complimentary consult and demo to learn more.

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Why Pour Controls?

A step ahead of the competition

Other companies provide detailed information about your shrinkage only weekly or bi-monthly - which is too late and well after the fact. For instance, other companies will advise that you lost two bottles of Crown Royal but they have no idea when it occurred. At Pour Controls we are a step ahead in that we can pin-point these events utilizing real-time sales data from one of our many POS partners. Email alerts straight to your device instantly inform you that missed sales are happening. We can sculpture a tailored-program for just a few dollars more than what our competitors are charging, but with better results for your bottom line.

24/7 Monitoring

View your bartenders' pouring habits in real time from the office or on the go with our Pour Controls System Manager.

Eyes in the Sky

Oversee staff and liquor operations utilizing our text insertion program to your compatible DVR system Surveillance System.

RFID Pour Spouts

Our wireless RFID pour spouts will tell you what was poured, when it was poured, and how much was poured.

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