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Protecting the Bottom Line: Putting an end to disappearing profits

Today’s bar owners/operators have enough to worry about in the hectic, day-to-day schedule of running a popular enterprise that they don’t need the added hassle of dealing with disappearing profits. That’s why many owners/operators are opting to use any of a variety of loss prevention products in their liquor and beer sales.

Keeping Tabs (2010)

“There’s a lot more turnover of staff today than years ago,” says Aly Sundergi, owner of the Langley-based, 125-seat Samz Pub. “There is a lot more opportunity for people to do thing that might affect your bottom line”

Sundergi opted to use RFID pour spouts, from Canadian distributor Pour Controls. The wireless pour spout is able to monitor the consistency of the free pour, providing a real-time journal of the pour to the PC. According to Peter Hornstein, president of Pour Controls, each of the pour spouts has a chip inside and it able to deliver an accuracy of plus/minus 10 per cent. Hornstein suggests that the typical bar owner see a return on investment in six to 12 months. “Industry wants to see the art of free pour,” he says. “Our product is a deterrent to inconsistent pours.” The wireless pour spouts provide pour data which is paired with POS sales data to allowing for pinpointing areas on concern in real time. Our system and can also provide data for mining your surveillance system.

“When I first heard about the product, I thought it was interesting,” says Sundergi. “It took us a bit of time to set up the system as far as the reports and such, but it is well worth it.”