Investing in liquor inventory software pays out for Pour Controls

From CEO Peter Hornstein,

In the last several years, we at Pour Controls have been optimizing our services through investing in our software and integrating customer feedback. In 2019 we were able to welcome new customers in New York, N.Y., Prince George, B.C., Toronto, ON., and many more cities. Further, we are looking forward to welcoming new clients in Mexico and Ireland this year. In addition to our growing global client base, we are pleased to announce that, with the help of our re-sellers,  we have over 500 customers that are using our software. These customers are using Pour Controls for its reliable technology and real-time liquor and draft inventory, which is complemented by our customer support services.

Since February 2020, Pour Controls has become a licensed partner of Heartland. Heartland is a global payment company that is specialized in the hospitality industry. The partnership with Heartland’s POS systems is set up between Pour Controls and BarVision. This partnership allows us to optimize our service level in the coming years.

We are also pleased to announce the purchase of Sprint Bar Controls. With the addition of Sprint we can help you not only with our beer and liquor inventory software, but also with the hardware provided by Sprint.

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